Year of the summer golf trip?

The benefits of a summer golf trip in Virginia.

Spring is typically when golfers hit the road for a trip with their buddies.  That, as we all know, did not happen this spring. And to make matters worse, many people live in states where the Covid 19 stay-at home rules locked down their local golf courses.  Being cooped up and months of swinging clubs in the yard  have spiked demand for summer golf trips.River Course 17th hole

Because I live in Virginia and due to the nature of my work I play most of my golf in Summer. I am here to tell you if you can get away there are a lot of benefits to a summer golf trip in Virginia. Yes,  it can get hot, but we all play in the heat.

What golfers with tight muscles know is that hot weather keeps the back loose.

Plus, packing is so much easier: four pairs of shorts, five golf shirts and a toothbrush. A Summer golf trip is like summer camp, no suitcase necessary, a backpack should cover it. Virginia does have several mountain golf destinations where daytime temperatures are cooler.  If it is a little hot, remember the beer should wait until after the round or at least until the emergency nine which gets me to the next benefit.

Daylight. You  can start at 7 and play until 8:30 and 9:00 if you have some young eyes in the group. You can play first thing, beat the heat and be done well before lunch. Plenty of time to go the beach, visit historical sites or check out the amazing number of wineries and breweries in Virginia.  You would still have time to go back and play another nine before dinner. You can also play all day, 54 anyone? Most importantly, the length of daylight provides you an endless amount of flexibility.

It has been a stressful spring, and everyone is looking to get away. But travel will be different. There will be restrictions, all related around gathering. How many can enter, how many can eat, etc. All constant reminders of Covid-19.

There will be reminders at the golf course too, but they are more like benefits. Cup inserts are just another reason to make every 3-footer good. No rakes in bunkers allows us to move it in the sand and social distancing is easy to maintain when you out drive your golf buddies by 30 yards.

Interested in a summer golf trip quote visit our featured Williamsburg summer golf trip page or for more options go to Virginia Golf Vacations promotions page and request a trip quote. We will get right back to you with a trip price. We hope to see you playing golf with us soon.