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Year of the summer golf trip?

Year of the summer golf trip?

The benefits of a summer golf trip in Virginia.

Spring is typically when golfers hit the road for a trip with their buddies.  That, as we all know, did not happen this spring. And to make matters worse, many people live in states where the Covid 19 stay-at home rules locked down their local golf courses.  Being cooped up and months of swinging clubs in the yard  have spiked demand for summer golf trips.River Course 17th hole

Because I live in Virginia and due to the nature of my work I play most of my golf in Summer. I am here to tell you if you can get away there are a lot of benefits to a summer golf trip in Virginia. Yes,  it can get hot, but we all play in the heat.

What golfers with tight muscles know is that hot weather keeps the back loose.

Plus, packing is so much easier: four pairs of shorts, five golf shirts and a toothbrush. A Summer golf trip is like summer camp, no suitcase necessary, a backpack should cover it. Virginia does have several mountain golf destinations where daytime temperatures are cooler.  If it is a little hot, remember the beer should wait until after the round or at least until the emergency nine which gets me to the next benefit.

Daylight. You  can start at 7 and play until 8:30 and 9:00 if you have some young eyes in the group. You can play first thing, beat the heat and be done well before lunch. Plenty of time to go the beach, visit historical sites or check out the amazing number of wineries and breweries in Virginia.  You would still have time to go back and play another nine before dinner. You can also play all day, 54 anyone? Most importantly, the length of daylight provides you an endless amount of flexibility.

It has been a stressful spring, and everyone is looking to get away. But travel will be different. There will be restrictions, all related around gathering. How many can enter, how many can eat, etc. All constant reminders of Covid-19.

There will be reminders at the golf course too, but they are more like benefits. Cup inserts are just another reason to make every 3-footer good. No rakes in bunkers allows us to move it in the sand and social distancing is easy to maintain when you out drive your golf buddies by 30 yards.

Interested in a summer golf trip quote visit our featured Williamsburg summer golf trip page or for more options go to Virginia Golf Vacations promotions page and request a trip quote. We will get right back to you with a trip price. We hope to see you playing golf with us soon.

Your next golf trip to Virginia

Your next golf trip to Virginia

Your Next Golf Trip in the Era of Coronavirus

Coronavirus and golf trips

Your golf game was starting to awaken from its winter slumber. The annual spring golf trip was just a few weeks away and wham, Coronavirus. The world is turned upside down. The golf trip disappears with our new reality of living in a pandemic.

Fast forward to today, now our country and much of the world are beginning to re-open. The golf itch is still there but is it time to go on that golf trip? Is it safe to go?  

Many are saying yes but have questions about what to expect?

What are Virginia Golf courses doing to make golf safer?

All courses in Virginia were allowed to remain open, with restrictions, when many states ordered closure of their golf courses. Virginia Golf course operators have a two-month head start in adapting to the Coronavirus and learning how best to manage traffic n combination with social distancing requirements. This has been combined with new protocols for frequent disinfecting or eliminating high touch point areas. Carts are sprayed down with disinfectants, rakes and water coolers have been removed and flags remain in place with Styrofoam or PVC inserts in the cup to keep the golf ball from settling to the bottom.

Many are checking in golfers outdoors, curbside or only allowing one person from the group to check in the golf shop. It all works quite well actually. In the end all courses will adapt quickly, and Virginia course operators will gladly share what works and what does not work with operators in other states. We are all in this together. In the short term, Virginia course operators have had a lot of practice with keeping our golfers safe.

How will my overnight stay be different?

The same applies to hotels, many have stayed open and have significantly changed their practices. These practices include contactless check ins, daily house cleaning only upon request and those that offer breakfast changing to pre-made grab and go bags.

Are the restaurants open? Can we eat in them?

Yes, and yes…sort of.  All restaurants can be open for take out and most have stayed open and are offering curbside pick up. In addition (under phase 1 reopening), Virginia restaurants with outdoor patios can operate outside seating at 50% capacity. We expect by the second week in June (when Virginia moves to phase 2) all restaurants will be open at 50% capacity for indoor dining as well. ** Update 06/05/20 Virginia has moved to phase 2 of reopening and all restaurants are now open for inside dining at 50% capacity**

Rock Bottom Golf

Virginia Golf Vacations suggestions for traveling golfers during the Coronavirus pandemic

Groups that travel together should also stay and play together. If you are sharing a room that person should be your golf cart partner as well. If financially viable, we recommend individual rooms or a condo where each person can have their own bedroom and potentially bathroom as well. Finally, If you want to eat out, make a reservation or eat at the course following your round. Most golf courses have pretty good restaurants, they are generally under-utilized and almost all have outside dining.

Fortunately for us golfers, golf is one of the safest sports to play during the pandemic. So a golf trip is one of the safer trips you can take.

If you have the itch, we are ready. There is still time for a late spring trip. Also, the pandemic has taught us to think differently about almost everything. June is often a lost month for golf travel.  Families are busy with graduations and early summer activities but many of those events have been put on hold this year. This might be the time to explore the benefits of an early summer season golf trip.

Request a Virginia golf trip quote online or call Virginia Golf Vacations at 1-877-806-8163 and we will get right back to you with a trip quote!

Come Play Golf in Virginia

Come Play Golf in Virginia

Virginia Golf Courses and Lodging are open during Covid 19

The Governor of Virginia has allowed many outdoor recreation activities including golf courses to stay open because it is one of the safest ways for us to get outdoor activity and be able to maintain proper social distancing guidelines. The Governor of Virginia has shut down most other non essential businesses but has allowed golf courses and hotels to stay open.  Restaurants have been allowed to stay open but are take out only. Virginia is enforcing strict social distancing not allowing gatherings of more than 10 people. In addition golf courses are taking extra steps recommended by CDC, PGA and USGA to maximize safety and health of customers during the outbreak of Covid - 19. These steps include additional disinfecting of customer touch points including golf carts.

Virginia Golf Vacations is open

Our staff has been busy. Many Virginia Golf Vacations trips for this spring have been postponed or cancelled and we have been refunding those trips in full. Several groups have also decided to still take their golf trip. We clearly don't want anyone to do anything that makes them uncomfortable. But, we also want to let those looking to take a break that playing golf is one of the safest things they can do and we are available to assist.

If you are interested in taking a golf trip

Please visit our destinations or golf packages page to learn more and request a trip quote. You can also call 1-877-806-8163 to talk to one of our golf coordinators. Below is a list of additional things to consider when traveling or taking a golf trip during the outbreak of Covid-19.

  1. Single occupancy lodging - stay in your own hotel room or choose a condo option that allows travelers to have their own bedroom and bathroom.
  2. Choose condo lodging with a kitchen so you can prepare your own meals or at least hotel rooms with a microwave. To go orders re-heated in a microwave for 30 seconds will kill the virus.
  3. Travel with your own hand wipes and sanitizer
  4. Follow additional guidelines for safe play posted at the golf course.

You can also plan a future a trip

Our staff is still working and available if you want to get an early jump on summer or fall golf trip planning. Please visit our destinations or golf packages page to learn more and request a trip quote. You can also call 1-877-806-8163 to talk to one of our golf coordinators.


Williamsburg Golf Is Getting A Face Lift

Williamsburg Golf Is Getting A Face Lift

Renovated Golf Destination?

Everyone has heard of a renovated golf course but Williamsburg is beginning to look like a renovated golf destination.  Three area courses are making significant changes in 2017.  The Golden Horseshoe Gold Course has been closed since May 2016.  The Gold course has received significant renovation and updating. Greens, fairways and tees have all been resurfaced.  Rees Jones son of course architect Robert Trent Jones is overseeing course renovations and the course is expected to re-open in time for the 2017 fall golf season.

The Bermuda Revolution

Because of the hot and humid Southeastern Virginia summers two Williamsburg area golf facilities have made the decision to transition their greens to UltraDwarf Bermuda putting surfaces.  This is a fantastic playing surface typically used by clubs further south but Southeastern Virginia’s mild winters also make this a good option for Williamsburg.  Most area courses have Bent grass greens which are wonderful late fall through spring but require extra attention and increased mowing heights to protect the plant during summer heat.  Bermuda thrives in hot and humid conditions. Therefore, golf course superintendents can be aggressive on playing conditions from late summer through late fall.  Bermuda is still a good playing surface in it’s dormant state December through March.  The greens turn brown and can get a little firm but most courses counter act that with paint and/or over seeding.

Fords Colony Country Club had great success several years ago transitioning their Blue Heron course to Champion Bermuda and after another long hot and humid summer has made the decision to do the same on their Marsh Hawk Course.  The Marsh Hawk course will close in June 2017 for Champion Bermuda sprigging and re-open early September 2017.  Their Blackheath course will remain bent grass.

Williamsburg National Golf Club is under new ownership that has also made the decision to resurface the Jamestown course with an UltraDwarf Bermuda grass.  The Jamestown greens will be sprigged in June with a re-open date in early September 2017. In addition both courses and the club are receiving a lot of much needed attention from new ownership.  Playing conditions have been consistently the poorest among area courses the last 4- 5 years.  It is clear that will change quickly with new ownership and management.  Williamsburg Golf travelers can expect high quality playing conditions on the Yorktown Course (bent grass greens) by late spring 2017 and both courses when the Jamestown re-opens in September of 2017.  Make sure you plan a fall golf vacation to Williamsburg, you won’t want to miss out on this renovated golf destination.

19 Reasons to Golf Williamsburg This Fall!

19 Reasons to Golf Williamsburg This Fall!

19 Reasons Williamsburg is the perfect place for your fall golf trip!

1. Affordable Condo Accommodations – Why would we start here? It’s about the golf isn’t it? Yes it is about the golf! BUT its’ also about the Historic Powhatan resortother stuff too and Williamsburg has several great condo options including two, three and four bedroom units with full kitchen, large living rooms and centrally located to area courses.  These are a great place to hang out, kind of like the Frat house but a lot nicer and a lot quieter because most of us now fall asleep by 10:00 regardless of how late we think we are going to stay up.  Except for that guy or two in every group, but they do keep it entertaining!

2. Great local dining and things to do after golf – Ok, so 15 years ago this wasn’t a very strong statement.  I know, I live here! But today there are a lot of very good restaurants including very good steakhouses like Opus 9, great local cuisine at Merchants square with Blue Talon, Fat Canary, and the Trellis all award-winning restaurants in a very unique setting, historic Colonial Williamsburg!  Want the casual place with great food and cool hang out?  We’ve got those now too!  The Newtown area has several including Paul’s Deli, Cogans, Center Street Grill and Corner Pocket.

3. Course conditions – Williamsburg’s’ Golf courses are Bermuda tees and fairways meaning they are in their best condition after summer growing season. Wait until late September and greens have all healed from fall aerification  plus superintendents don’t have to protect them from the heat so they cut them and roll them more often which means they are smooth and fast!

4. Weather – We definitely have all four seasons in Williamsburg with winters being on the mild side and summers a little on the hot side. Spring is great but can be somewhat up and down with one day 80 degrees and the next 65 degrees, but fall temperatures are very consistent after late September and through early November.  This is also, generally one of our dryer periods.  Temperatures range from high 70’s in late September to mid 60’s in early November.

5. Thru 19. – Finally the Golf!   Williamsburg has 15 championship courses including two of the east coasts top golf resorts Kingsmill and Golden Horseshoe.  Hosts of numerous PGA, LPGA and USGA events.  Two very unique Mike Strantz designs,  Traditions at Stonehouse and Traditions at Royal New Kent Golf Club and several facilities with multiple courses on site making it convenient to play two different courses in the same day.

Kingsmill Golf Packages including the River CourseThere are a lot of great promotions to choose from including trips with free lunch and beer and free replays, visit Virginia Golf Vacations Williamsburg Golf Packages page to learn more and request a quote. Virginia Golf Vacations will get back to you with a trip price in less than 24 hours!

Virginia Golf Vacations can make all of the arrangements and also accommodate individual billing so the group leader does not have to worry about collecting payment from the golfers.  Take 60 seconds and fill out a quote, you wont be disappointed Virginia Golf Vacations makes group leaders look good!

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